Highest quality custom hand-made props for professional magicians
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Parlor Magic Tricks and Stage Magic Tricks
» Parlor / Stage Magic
The Sub-Spiker
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A death-defying escape...You'll be dying to perform it!

The illusion begins as a standard Sub Trunk illusion, wherein the performer displays a trunk sitting atop a tabled platform. The magician is then handcuffed and climbs inside the trunk. Crouching down into the trunk, the latch is locked and the assistant raises a cloth covering that surrounds the trunk, and immediately the magician and assistant have changed places! The trunk is opened and sure enough, the assistant is now inside completely handcuffed! Oh, but that's not all. Not by a long shot!

The Mini-Spiker

From the creative minds of Ed Alonzo, Lynetta Welch, and Doug Malloy comes the Mini-Spiker. This dramatic illusion, in which an assistant crouches inside a cabinet into which spikes are lowered, will astound audiences. The assistant disappears - and later reappears, unharmed!


Fire Cage
A very HOT cage! Finely crafted by Malloy Modern Magic.

The magician lights a fire in the empty cage, covers it with a magic cloth; and when he removes the cloth, the fire is out and a person or animal is in the cage!

Master Prediction System
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Malloy Modern Magic is proud to provide professional magicians with the Master Prediction System, by Dick Zimmerman, the most mystifying, all-purpose prediction system ever!

"Simply the best prediction that I've seen, and used!" -Criss Angel (from season two)


Fiberglass 3-step Ladder for Master Prediction System (Ladder Only)

Blue Fiberglass Ladder Base for Master Prediction (Ladder Only)


Aluminum Ladder Base for Master Prediction System (Ladder Only)

Aluminum 2-step Ladder Base for Master Prediction System (Ladder Only)


Deluxe Wringer
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Flat out the best rabbit wringer / dog wringer / duck wringer on the market! This wringer will hold a large duck or rabbit or a small dog. The magician turns a crank and the animal emerges from the wringer as flat as a pancake.

Flatten a rabbit and then bring it back as normal, unharmed!


Production Cage

A spectacular visual production for any large duck, rabbit, or small dog, etc. The cage is shown empty and covered with a cloth for a split second. Then the cloth is whisked away to reveal the production (duck, rabbit, etc.).


The Lean
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Imagine being able to walk out and at any point in your show, being able to LEAN to an almost horizontal position - literally 10 inches from the floor!** You now lean back up straight and continue on with your act, with complete mobility!

It's possible with the Lean, by Malloy Modern Magic.

** How far you can lean depends on your physical condition.

Perfect Choice
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A first-class, reputation-making routine from the late great Mike Caldwell's one-of-a-kind act!! This is not just another card trick, but an absolute miracle.

When they ask if you do "audience participation", this is the trick to do!


The Chattering Teeth
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From the clever mind of Terry Seabrooke (designed and engineered by Doug Malloy) comes a great comedy card revelation. After a card is chosen, the magician puts a pair of comedy false teeth into the box along with a newspaper. Pieces of the paper fly into the air as the teeth begin to chew. The magician opens out the newspaper to reveal the shape of the chosen card, chewed out of the paper.

If you are looking for a more realistic approach, have your pet be the master of mentalism with our new Animal Style version!

The Lemon Game
An amazing magic trick with audience participation. Borrow a bill from an audience member. Have him sign his name on it. Then offer him better prizes...but he won't win them. He will want his bill back, but it will vanish, only to reappear later inside a lemon that he chooses.

Card Cocktail

Pour in a freely selected card, mix in a vanish, add a splash of transformation topped off with a unique revelation. Blend together with a twist of humor and you've got  CARD COCKTAIL!


Knife Through Arm Trick
Knife through arm looks like a real butcher knife and is approximately 13 inches long with a pointed steel blade and solid wooden handle. Your audiences will scream as you take the knife and slice right into your arm. If that wasn't enough, watch them squirm as blood begins to flow from the fresh cut! Not to worry because the knife is removed and your arm is unharmed. A devastating illusion that always gets an incredible reaction when performed.

Mechanical Parakeet

Mechanical Parakeet!

A must for the Orange-Lemon-Egg-Parakeet


The Great Chain Escape

Malloy Modern Magic presents an amazing escape act! Bound with over 3 feet of steel chain and padlocked, the magician escapes in a matter of seconds.

Stage Magic Tricks
Better Newspaper Tear

Freedom Microphone Holder

Pro Tables
Pro Rolling Table

Magician's Cases
Deluxe Close-Up Case