designed by : mike malloy

Cannon Cage Combo

Cannon (broken down view)

The WRINGER is  another GREAT 
addition to the CANNON and CAGE

The performer strolls onstage and rolls out a cage, which is shown empty and covered. A duck or rabbit is then placed inside a menacing-looking cannon. The cannon is then fired at the cage. BOOM!

The performer removes the cannon's barrel from its body, and it's now shown to be completely empty! The cannon body is then removed and shown empty and folded flat! The performer walks over to the cage and removes the cloth revealing the duck or rabbit inside alive and well! Talk about an amazing teleportation effect!

This incredibly spectacular and visual effect is the perfect addition to the
Deluxe Wringer. It makes for the perfect effect if you are a stage performer, looking to add that BANG to your show!

Also available for Small Animals - Available in Custom Color

Finely Crafted and Available only from
Malloy Modern Magic



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